How to protect your pets from dangerous dogs in Minnesota

In this July 1, 2016, photo, pet clinic owner Pete Buttigieg shows his dog, Peter, a Staffordshire terrier, after it was removed from his yard.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health and Social Services, there are now more than 6,500 dogs in the state.

The agency says about 10 percent of the dogs are euthanized, with the remainder being cared for at a veterinary clinic.

Buttigeg says he and his wife have been trying to keep the dog’s health and temperament healthy for about five years.

The dog was on the fence after his mother had to go to work, and the dog was barking so much that the owners of the dog and the couple’s dog walked into a store to pick up the dog, Buttigheim said.

Buttigs, who is the founder and president of the St. Paul-based Animal Care Institute, says he is now the only dog-sitter in his neighborhood and has been in constant contact with his neighbors and other animal control officers.

When he first started keeping his dog on his property, Buttigs says he thought he would be out of luck, since the dog has been on the property for five years, and has not been injured.

He says his neighbors, though, have been very supportive.

“It’s been so great for us.

I can’t wait to see him again,” Buttigigieg said.

“We’re very happy about it.”