What is a national pet day?

The National Pet Day is a day that is celebrated across the nation, with thousands of dogs, cats, cats and horses coming together to meet and interact with their neighbors.This year, the celebration takes place on March 25, and it is held in Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles.Pets that can be brought into the city […]

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Why is it so difficult to find black pete beds?

It’s the same as it’s ever been.Black pete bed sellers and online platforms are facing an onslaught of demand from buyers of exotic pets, but there is a catch: they have to pay a lot of money to acquire them.Pete beds are an essential part of a pet owner’s lifestyle, and demand for black petes […]

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PES 2015-16 – Best in Show

The Premier League is in its 13th season, but the calendar year will soon turn to history. The following is the best and most exciting news we’ve got to share with you this weekend, starting with a list of the most important players, players with a significant future ahead of them, and players who will forever […]

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How to keep your pet safe at a pet park

What are the top 10 pet parks in Chicago?1.P.J. Flewers in Chicago (903-743-0823) 2.Doggy-Doo Pet Park in the River North (773-542-5535) 3.The Paddles Pet Park (773.742.5535 or www.thepaddlespetpark.com) 4.Wildflower Pet Park, located on the North Shore (773, 733-3839) 5.Pet Park on the River (773) 733.3839 6.Pet Parks in the Loop (773 733, 735-3670) 7.Dogfish Park […]

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Former CIA director, Manafort, Manafort’s wife sue over $2 million Trump ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ claims

Former U.S. intelligence chief and current White House adviser Peter M. McMahon has filed a $2.8 million lawsuit against the Trump campaign and its vice president, Mike Pence, claiming the Trump administration’s campaign “engaged in conduct that was reckless, criminal, and unlawful.”In a filing on Tuesday, McMahon alleged that Pence “knowingly, willfully, and intentionally engaged […]

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You know the game, I can’t stop playing it

Posted August 26, 2019 07:00:13In my opinion, the original Metroid Prime is one of the most underrated games of all time.I mean, that title was one of my all-time favorites in the Metroid series, and it’s a game that had some of the best, most original gameplay in the series, so there’s a lot to […]

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