How to find a pet shop for your dollar

Seattle, Wash.

— A couple of years ago, a Craigslist ad came up for a Seattle pet shop.

The owner was searching for a pet that had been retired and that would be able to live with her for several years, according to the ad.

The person looking for a dog was able to provide the details that would lead her to the pet shop, but when she asked to see the owner’s photos, she received a blank page.

She tried looking up a photo of the owner, but couldn’t find it.

So, she went online and found a listing for a “pet shop that would love to help with pet needs.”

The ad didn’t specify the name of the pet store, but it mentioned “Pet Shop Boys” and the owners name was “Peter King.”

The person who answered the ad found that Peter King owned a shop called Pet Shop Boys and had been in Seattle for 20 years.

It’s unclear what kind of service he provided to the person looking to buy a pet.

He was listed as an “unattached, no-recurring” owner.

King is not a registered Seattle dog breeder, and the Seattle Department of Health does not regulate pet shops in the city.

But the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the city’s Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry did issue citations for King for improper sale of a cat, a dog, or a bird.

King, who has lived in Seattle his entire life, told The Associated Press that he’s been an active dog breeding owner since the 1980s and that he would never knowingly do something like this.

King says he’s a lifelong dog lover who bought his first pet when he was about six years old.

He’s had many dogs, including a dog he named “Kitty,” a golden retriever he calls “Lily.”

King says his cats have been trained to obey him, but he says he doesn’t keep any of them in his home.

The Seattle Animal Care & Control has since issued a “banned on premise” order to King’s house.

King’s attorney, Paul Hilderbrandt, said that King is doing everything he can to get his cats back.

He has contacted the owner of the Seattle Pet Shop who was in the ads and will be sending the owner an apology letter, he said.

He says he plans to sue the owners of the online pet shop if King does not comply with the order.

Hilderbradt said the owners should have known the dogs were being sold and should have asked to meet with King to get the details of the pets service.

He said he’s confident that they will do so and will make restitution to King.