How to install the new Apple Watch app on the iPhone 5S

The latest version of the Apple Watch software is available to download and install on iPhones 5S, 5C and 5C+, Apple’s flagship device.

The latest release of the app includes a new section in the Watch app that enables you to add a companion app for your Apple Watch.

The app allows you to browse your favorite apps on the Apple device, choose which apps to install and then install them.

The new section allows you and your companion app to install a new app for the Apple watch.

You can add up to five apps from the Watch App store and then click install to install them all.

The apps will then install to your Watch and your Apple device will start displaying notifications.

You’ll need to restart your Apple watch or your companion device to continue using them.

You will also need to download the app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

The companion app will also work on your iPhone 5C or 5C+.

There are also a couple of small updates to the Watch application, including an improved user interface, new widgets and an improved look and feel.

Here are some of the other new features included in the latest version:The Apple Watch App now includes a “Chameleon Pete’s” section that allows you search for new companion apps.

You now have access to the App Store for new and existing companion apps, as well as new companion watch apps and apps for your companion devices.

You no longer need to have an Apple Watch connected to your iPhone to install companion apps for the Watch.

The companion apps can now be installed on iPhone 5 and 5S and on Apple Watch as well.

You have the ability to add new companion watches to your Apple account by creating a new Apple Account and then clicking on “add new watch”.

This new feature is available only for iPhone 5s and 5c devices.

Apple says the companion apps will work with the latest Watch app, which was updated to iOS 11.0 on Friday.