How to get cute pet names on your car’s windshield

From a car window to a mailbox, the names on a car’s dashboard and the names of pets on your pets’ front seats are often used by people with a wide variety of names, including cute pet.But the names are not always so innocent.The pet name rules are complex and vary by state, and even […]

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Why are some pet owners abandoning their pets?

The majority of pet owners abandoned their pets within three months of adopting them, according to a new report from the Pet Adoption Association.The report, published by the Australian Animal Welfare League, said pet owners are abandoning their furry friends and “focusing on the short-term satisfaction of their personal relationships”.“It’s a common phenomenon, and it’s […]

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When do you want to start exercising your pet?

The time to start exercise your pet is now, according to the latest medical research.Pet owners can choose to exercise their pets for up to eight hours per day at a time, researchers from the University of York found in the latest issue of the journal BMC Medicine.The study was led by Professor Tom Smith […]

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Pomeranian found in abandoned house

Seattle pet shop owner Peter Baker is searching for a pomeranian to help him with his Craigslist seattle pet search.The pomeranese, named Pet Sounds, is a breed that is considered a mix between the American Staffordshire terrier and a cross between the Belgian Malinois and the German Shetland Sheepdog.Baker is looking for one to help […]

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