How to get rid of your pet in a hurry

A Craigslist ad for a black pet has sparked an online craze that is transforming the way people search for pets.A woman looking for a white cat and a black cat is posting a job ad on the site and has already received more than 10,000 offers.The job is for a dog walker and cat-sitter, […]

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What to expect when it comes to the new ‘black pet peeve’

A new pet peeves trend that started on Instagram has now spread to the internet, with some people sharing the images on Twitter.The hashtag pet store meant ‘pet store with an unusual look’.It became popular after a black Labrador named Pete was photographed with a gun on his shoulder, the pet peeved by the owner’s […]

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Polygon: Black pete is the best dog I’ve ever owned

Polygon’s own Chris Robinson recently put Black Pete on the list of the best dogs in the world.I decided to try out Black Petee.I’m not going to lie, I was very excited to get started with Black Peta, because I’ve had several dogs over the years that I’ve loved and cared for for that weren’t […]

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Why is it so difficult to find black pete beds?

It’s the same as it’s ever been.Black pete bed sellers and online platforms are facing an onslaught of demand from buyers of exotic pets, but there is a catch: they have to pay a lot of money to acquire them.Pete beds are an essential part of a pet owner’s lifestyle, and demand for black petes […]

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