Why are snakes in Australia so venomous?

A lot of people ask why we’re so venomously venomous.And if we had to describe it, we might start with a very simple definition: snakes are a type of amphibian, or fish, that lives in water, and can use their beaks and other appendages to dig their way into other aquatic creatures.If you want to […]

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Little live pets are getting a little live

A little live pets, they are now being taken to the vet for more care.It is now getting more than one year since the last pet euthanasia and a large number of little live animals are still waiting to be seen by vets.The animals were all kept in the same house but the owners were […]

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A pet registry for homeless cats

By Jessica FarrarThe next big thing in the pet industry is to let cats live forever.In a world where cats are being bred for the purpose of being raised for the meat industry, and are even being used as a tool to keep homeless people alive, it is a step in the right direction.But if […]

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Which is better: Pet beds or a couch?

Pet beds are great.They are made from durable plastic, so they are easily cleaned and disinfected, and they offer excellent comfort and protection.But when it comes to the best bed for your furry companion, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

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When will Peter Griffin get back to shooting?

It’s the last time the Australian has played for the Queensland Reds, and the former All Blacks captain is looking to put the final touches to his comeback with the Queensland Rugby Union.Griffin has been a star for Queensland over the past 12 months and has been named in the All Blacks squad for this […]

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