Zhu Zhu Pets is opening a pet spa in China’s Fujian province

zhu, a Chinese animal rescue group, announced Wednesday that it will open a pet shop in Fujian Province in September.

The opening of the shop will be the first for Zhu, which is based in Chengdu, China’s capital.

Zhu hopes the location will make it easier for families to adopt and provide care for pets.

“We’ve been in contact with families in Fujians capital, and it’s obvious that they want to adopt animals,” Zhu said.

“Our hope is that they will be able to adopt at the shop.”

Zhu’s business model revolves around rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming rescued animals.

Zhu is part of the Zu Zhu Pet Rescue Association, which began as a charity in 2016.

Zhu has previously rescued more than 150,000 animals from China and overseas.

The organization is currently working with over 400 rescue centers around the world.

Zu Zu Pets is offering up to 20 percent discounts on pet care items at the pet shop.

The company has said that it hopes to open a facility in the Fujian region by mid-2017.