When Peter Lanfer says he wants to leave his dog to go on a cruise, he can’t stop thinking about it

Peter Lanfert, owner of Peter’s Market, said he wants his dog, Pete, to go sailing on a luxury cruise to Europe.

He is currently planning to go to France on the next cruise, scheduled for 2019, but is not sure when that will be.

He said he would like to go sail with Pete but has yet to secure a cruise permit for the voyage.

“I love him, he’s so cute and sweet, but I’m going to make it happen, because he needs to go out on his own and be the best he can be,” Lanfart said.

“I want to get to Europe and be with Petey.

I want to do that in one year.

I’ve got nothing else to do.

But I think we need to start planning now.”

In addition to Pete’s current tour, Lanfarts current cruise itinerary includes:The cruise was originally scheduled for December but was rescheduled to January.

“We have a great, loyal, dedicated, loving customer base and we have a lot of love for the Peter Lanfs and their business, but the plan right now is to get Pete to France in one or two months and then do it all over again in the summer,” Lanfer said.

Pete has been with Lanfer for over 20 years and has grown to have a loyal and devoted fan base, according to Lanfest.

Lanffer said he hopes to continue to see Pete sail, but he said the trip will be a lot more expensive than what it was last year.