Little live pets are getting a little live

A little live pets, they are now being taken to the vet for more care.

It is now getting more than one year since the last pet euthanasia and a large number of little live animals are still waiting to be seen by vets.

The animals were all kept in the same house but the owners were not able to get the owners permission to see them.

The owner had a few sick animals and the cats were not well fed.

The vet said the owners could not get permission for the little live dogs to be taken to see him.

Now, it is getting harder to find little live pet owners, because the pet owners are no longer able to afford to get a vet.

We do not know who will be euthanized and who will get a good death certificate and will get their little lives to the vets for a proper vet checkup.

So we are hoping that the vet will give us the best chance of getting our little live puppies, and even better, we hope to get some vet care as soon as possible.

We are asking all pet owners to consider making a donation to the Animal Rescue League of New Zealand and the Animal Shelter Society.

The donations help us with our shelter and vet bills and is used to cover costs associated with their care and adoption.

If you are a pet owner and you do not have a pet to adopt, please consider donating.

If your pet is not a pet, we are asking you to consider getting them a home and a good life.

You can donate to the Animals Rescue League here.