Why Paul Paul’s Wife Wants More Money from Trump for The President’s Children

Paul Paul and his wife, Pamela, have given Trump a total of $9 million, according to a financial disclosure they filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday.

They also gave $1 million to his campaign and $500,000 to the Republican National Committee, according the filing.

They said they will donate a further $1.5 million to charity.

In addition to his wife’s donations, Paul has given more than $6 million to Republican candidates.

He also gave to the RNC, the Trump Victory Fund and the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. 

Paul and his family have given a total to Republican and Democratic presidential candidates and committees.

The couple has given $1,000,000 since the election to the Trump campaign, according an FEC filing, and has given another $500 of their own money. 

He and his two daughters, Victoria, 13, and Emily, 14, have donated at least $25,000.