Petey’s birthday party to feature ‘chickies and petes’

PETA UK’s annual Petey the Chicken and the Petey and Petey & Friends event will be held on Thursday, September 29, and the event’s organizer, Pete North, says it will feature the “best of the best” of pet adoption and foster services across the UK.

The event will feature live events, special guests and special treats, including pet-friendly birthday cakes and pet-themed cookies.

North, who runs the organization’s international adoption and rescue network, PetEyes UK, said he had hoped to raise money for the cause by hosting a big bash for the animals, but added that this was not an easy task.

The Petey party, which will feature a live DJ, karaoke and live performances by the band Little Live Pets, will feature special treats and “chickied-and-petes specials” in the shape of a chicken and a chicken puppet, the organization said in a press release.

“I am so excited to be able to bring all these great pet adoption professionals together to celebrate the very best of the animal rescue community.”PETA UK said it had arranged the event because it wanted to “show the UK how important pets are to the UK’s future.”

Pete North said the event will bring “the best of British rescue and animal rescue professionals together, bringing the UK an amazing party of pet owners, animal lovers, pet owners and their families who love them” and who are “ready to give up their pets to save the lives of the animals they love.”

The event is being hosted at the Soho Theatre in central London.

The proceeds from the event would be donated to PETA’s UK branch, PetSave.PETA will also be hosting the PetEYES UK World Champs, which is held each year at the Bournemouth Animal Hospital.