PET Hospital treats ‘pink fever’ at vets with ‘pinky’ glasses

PET Hospital in North Carolina has created pink-colored glasses to help pets who can’t get their eyesight back.

Staff members at the Pet Hospital in Banfield, North Carolina, created the glasses after receiving reports of patients who had trouble seeing well in their eyes.

The glasses are made of nylon material and include a light bar to illuminate the area surrounding the eyes.

They are not prescription lenses.

Amber Moseley, a nurse and director of pet care at the hospital, said the glasses have worked well in the past.

“We have a lot of pet patients who are blind and need some of their vision restored,” she said.

The hospital has a pet wellness program, called PET Vision, that provides a range of services for pets, including vision screenings, eye exams, and treatment for eye and respiratory diseases.

Moseley said PET Vision has received more than 500 calls for help with vision issues since its launch in August.

Some of those patients were in dire need of a replacement for their lost vision.

“It’s hard for us to get those glasses,” Mosely said.

“We’re a small facility, so we’re going to have to use some of the patients that we have.”

The glasses are sold at the PET Hospital website.