A new technology lets you check on your pet’s health without touching the touchpad

A new pet care system developed by Peta can help pet owners monitor their pets’ health without the need for touchscreens.

A system built on the principles of quantum computing has a computer that learns how to interact with your pet by analyzing a photo or video.

It’s called Peta and it’s already being used in the pet care industry to help people monitor their pet’s physical health.

“The Peta platform is a unique approach to pet care.

It’s a system that is built on top of quantum information processing.

It learns about your pet and provides a visual representation of your pet,” said Peta founder Peter Manfredonia.

The system uses quantum computers to learn how to respond to and interact with an image.

The images that the system captures, and the visual representation it makes of those images, are fed into a computer.

The result is a new way of knowing your pet.

It uses advanced algorithms to determine how well the Peta system is working, and it can help you diagnose and correct any health issues with your pets.

“A lot of pet owners are trying to make the most of their pets life,” said Manfredona.

“The Petas system is a way for them to do that.”

He said Petas data will also be available for the pet-care industry.

It was developed in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and the University College London.

It can be used in an indoor environment as well as outdoor.

The Petaplex, which launched in March, will cost about $200 to $300.

Peta says it has already raised $10 million in funding.