When Peters becomes free agent, should he stay?

PETER WEBER: Peters has been a productive back for the Chargers since being selected in the third round in 2014.

He is second on the team with 101 yards from scrimmage, including two touchdowns.

Peters is a capable receiver, as evidenced by his 13 touchdowns and 13 receptions for 139 yards in his past three games.

He has been named to the Pro Bowl twice.

He also leads the NFL with 13 interceptions, while his 13 pass breakups are tied for third.

He will turn 29 in October.

He should get more opportunities with the Steelers.

I think he would fit in well in Pittsburgh, but he might not be the answer on a big-play team.

He could be the guy that you can count on to have a big game.

He’s proven himself to be a dependable receiver in his time in San Diego.

He was in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and has been voted to the All-Pro team.

I don’t think Peters would fit as the No. 1 back in Pittsburgh.

He would probably need a team to play for to give him the chance to develop.

PETER PRESTON: It’s a tough decision, but it’s one that I’ll have to make.

I love what I do and what the Chargers have done for me, and I’m very appreciative of all the opportunities I’ve had in San Antonio.

I’ll just have to decide how I want to spend the rest of my career.

PETERS FUTURE SEASON STATS PLAYER GP G A PTS ATT INT INT% SACKs FUM CARDS PPG RET YDS PETER VALU: 973 1,637 6 5 17 26 -7.2 0.9 PETER POLARO: 786 9,935 1 5 13 18 -6.3 0.4 PETER TREVOR: 1,081 1,879 6 3 14 21 -6 0.3 PETER DEVIL: 715 941 6 4 14 20 -6 1.0 PETER GREENE: 707 918 5 3 11 17 -5.7 0.5 PETER FRANCO: 1.082 1,078 6 1 6 14 -2.7 -0.3 REVERSED PATTERNS: 1 PETER REBEL: 583 583 7 0 0 0 -1.1 0.0 CARDS RETURNER: 1 CARDS FUM: 2.0 RETURN: 0.2