‘My son loves cuban pets’: Fur real pets in South Africa

A little girl who loves the furry creatures at home is finding that the animals at the zoo she visits in South African city of Cape Town are very real.

“I just got a picture of them and it was really cute,” said 15-year-old girl Sabrina.

“They were like my favorite pets.”

She’s now sharing the pictures with her friends on social media and in the local newspaper.

Sabrina and her father have been taking pictures of the animals since she was a little girl.

She says the animals were cute and their owners were just as much of a fan.

“It was just so cool that they had so much love and care for their pets,” Sabrina said.

“You could tell they were really close and they just loved each other.

They’re very good animals.”

The pictures are being shared widely on Facebook and Instagram, where people are taking photos of their furry friends.

The photos have been viewed over 1.2 million times and have also been shared on Twitter and Facebook.

But the real reason the animals are so popular is that they can be taken for walks with their owners.

They are not allowed to go outside for safety reasons.

“We had to get a permit for them to go out,” Sabrinah said.

The park where the cuban animals are being held is not part of the zoo’s normal exhibit, but the family has made the decision to keep the animals in their home.

The zoo says that it is not sure how long the cubans will be kept at the facility, and the zoo will keep track of their whereabouts.

It says the cubanos are part of a breeding program that is part of its “Zoo World” program, a conservation initiative that aims to protect animals and people at large.