Trump: I’ve never heard of ‘paedophile ring’

President Donald Trump is not the first politician to describe the so-called “paedophilia ring” as a “child-trafficking ring,” as The Daily Beast’s Amanda Carpenter reported Monday.

In a March interview with The Hill, Trump claimed that he had never heard the term.

“I don’t know anything about it,” Trump said.

“Maybe I’ll have to ask somebody else.”

Trump’s statement was the first time he’s explicitly said that the alleged child-traficking ring has never existed, though the president has also repeatedly said the “phony” investigation into his 2016 presidential campaign and Russia is a witch hunt.

“This whole ‘porn ring’ thing is a hoax, it’s a ruse.

It’s not true.

It doesn’t exist,” Trump told The Hill in March.

“It’s not a pedophilia ring.

It didn’t exist.

It never did.

It can’t exist.”

In a tweet Sunday, Trump repeated his assertion that he has no knowledge of the alleged ring, but later said the word “porn” was the word used in his March interview.

“The fake news media is working overtime to try to distract from my ‘Porngate’ story,” Trump tweeted.

“They even made up the word ‘pope.’

It’s all a razzle-dazzle!”