What to expect when it comes to the new ‘black pet peeve’

A new pet peeves trend that started on Instagram has now spread to the internet, with some people sharing the images on Twitter.

The hashtag pet store meant ‘pet store with an unusual look’.

It became popular after a black Labrador named Pete was photographed with a gun on his shoulder, the pet peeved by the owner’s decision to keep him as a pet.

Pete had been bought from the pet store.

‘Pete the black Labrador is a loyal customer and he always wanted to keep the gun,’ one user commented.

‘We just want to make it clear that our dogs are our life, not theirs to sell and it’s not OK to abuse their trust.

We do not want any of our dogs to have a gun in their homes,’ said another.

The trend has been trending since the beginning of August and since then, it has been shared more than 15,000 times.

Many users shared images of their pets with guns and in some cases even had photos of the dogs with guns.

Pete the black labrador is a proud owner of a weapon.

‘If you think your dog is a little too old to have guns, you should think about changing your dog’s name,’ said one user.

The Black Dog Owners Forum (BOWF) responded to the issue, saying that owners should not allow their dogs to carry weapons.

They also said that the black dog owners forum was not affiliated with the BOWF.

‘The Black Dog owners forum does not endorse the sale of guns, nor does it condone the use of weapons in the household,’ the BODI said in a statement.

‘Black Dog owners forums are not affiliated and do not endorse Black Dog dog owners.’