Which is the fastest growing pet on Craigslist?

Posted by Hacker News on January 11, 2018 04:29:59The cat on Craigslist is the newest and hottest pet on the internet.

It’s a new addition to the site’s pet community, and it is also a big hit.

The cat is a black and white version of the popular online cat called Chameleon Pet, which is a little-known pet owned by an Austin, Texas cat breeder.

The name Chameleons name, and the fact that it is a cat, has been used as a title in many memes and social media posts since the website’s launch in 2015.

In a recent post, the pet breeder, Brian Wiedemann, revealed the results of a Reddit AMA where he talked about his love of the cat.

“I love cats, so the title was kind of easy, and I just wanted to share that love of cats with the world,” Wiedeman said in the AMA.

He then went on to explain that Chamelexes personality and personality traits were “a bit quirky and unusual” for an everyday cat.

For one, it’s not exactly the kind of cat that a normal person would want to be around.

The breed is a medium-sized cat that lives in a home in the southeast part of Texas, and has been described as “a black and whitish mix.”

According to Wiedemaann, the cat is the result of a long history of being abused.

He says he and his wife bought the cat in 2010, and then “kept it as a pet” for about six years before taking it off the market.

After a couple of years of living with the cat, the couple decided to move it to a different house and have it adopted by another person, who then had it taken from them.

The cat is now living with Wiedemer’s family.

The pet breder says that he and Wiedemeann “did not want to live in a household where the cat was constantly being held and cared for.”

Wiedemain has had the cat for over four years, and he has kept it with him for the past five years, according to WIEDEMAN.

He says that the breed has “been on the rise since 2015,” and that the cats popularity is due to the fact it has “very intelligent” personalities.

According to the breeder’s Reddit AMA, Chameles personality was the main reason why he started the pet community.

“It is hard to explain why,” WIEDEMAIN said in response to a question about why people find the cat to be so cute.

“But it is something that I think everyone who knows me has noticed and has noticed.

We keep it in a different home each day, and so much attention is paid to it, that it makes it very easy to care for.”

According the breder, he has a “big family” of four ChameLEON Pups.

“I have a whole lot of cats, and one of them has a black collar,” he said.

“We have about six cats at any one time, and we all like them all, and they all do their own thing, so it is not difficult to find someone who is willing to have a litter of ChameLES.”WIEDEMANN also revealed that the cat has “really sweet eyes.”

“They have a lot of love and affection,” he explained.

“They can be pretty friendly with other cats, but I think they also have a soft spot for other pets.”

The breeder explained that he has seen “quite a few of the people who have adopted them come from other parts of the world” and that there are even some who are adopting from overseas.

He then shared a photo of the ChameLeons puppies, with one named “Piggy.”

“The first puppy is named Piggy, and she’s just like, ‘Pig!

I love you!’ and the second one is called Chokele.

And the third one is named Choke,” he wrote.

“This is why people are so drawn to the Chokes.

They’re like a pet.

I don’t want to see anyone else have a ChokeLEON.”

The internet’s most popular pet article has been updated to reflect the breter’s statement.