How to get your pet’s life back

Peter Townsend and Austin Pets Alive, a team of veterinarians, spent five months in the Australian outback to find out how to get a pet’s heart back after it had suffered cardiac arrest.

“We were looking at all the different things we could do to keep the heart pumping but in the end we just didn’t have any good options,” Townsend said.

“We were trying different things to help keep the animal alive, but the heart was still failing.”

Townsend, a specialist in animal medicine, said he had never seen such a dramatic failure in an animal’s heart.

“There’s no other way to describe it but it’s an absolute miracle,” Townsends team leader Andrew McEwen said.

“We had a cat that had died a week earlier and we had just found a heart in her belly.”

The vet had been on the case for four years and had never come across a case like this.

“When we saw it we knew immediately that it wasn’t just a heart but a completely dysfunctional organ.”

Townsends group of experts found a cat heart had collapsed and was failing after four years of neglect Townsends experts found an animal heart had died four years earlier, after being neglected.

Pets Alive’s team of doctors took the cat to the vet, who confirmed the heart had suffered a massive heart failure and that it was now in a coma.

Townsend took the heart back to the team in the hope it would have a chance to heal.

The heart was removed, placed into a catheter, and the cat’s heart valves were opened to allow oxygen to flow through the heart and the heart to pump blood.

It’s now on a ventilator and has had an operation to keep it healthy.

Townsends heart is now back, but Townsends is now trying to get it’s heart functioning again.

“At the end of the day, if we can get it to function again, it’s going to be a huge boost for the animal, but it was a difficult process,” Townsenders team leader Peter Townsends said.