How to win hearts and minds at the election: Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hausner is in for a big boost in her bid for the Australian election with a string of high-profile endorsements.

The former social media star and blogger has already received a number of high profile endorsements including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Labor MP Tony Burke, and the head of the Australian Defence Force.

Mr Hausder has also been endorsed by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Liberal leader Bill Shorten, who both attended a reception at her Canberra home on Wednesday night.

Ahead of the launch of her leadership bid, Mr Hausners first-time leader of the party said she would be the “best candidate to fight the big bad Australian Labor Party”.

“We have a lot of very talented people, so we will be able to win back the trust of the voters and they will turn out in a big way,” Ms Hauscher said.

“It is a great honour to lead a party that has changed so much over the past 15 years, and we are going to continue to take our campaign to the next level.”

She added that she was “100 per cent committed” to her party’s future and would fight for it “firmly” through to the election.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) confirmed it had received a request from Ms Hanson’s campaign to conduct a review of her candidacy.

Under Australian Federal Police (AFP) regulations, the review process can take place within 14 days.

Ms Hanson has a significant lead in the polls, with the ALP trailing behind the Greens and the National Party.

However, the Australian Institute of Public Affairs has warned that “in a hung parliament the Coalition will need to retain the support of at least 35 per cent of the vote in order to govern”.

Ms Hanson is currently leading in her state of Queensland, and is currently in fourth place in the latest Newspoll.

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