What’s your pet insurance policy like?

When it comes to pet insurance, you can’t go wrong with pet insurance.

The insurance companies cover everything from cat bites and scratches to dog bites and injuries, as well as pet-related accidents and medical expenses.

The costs can vary, depending on your pet’s age, breed and health.

There are also pet-specific policies, such as a $5,000 dog policy or a $25,000 cat policy, depending upon your needs.

You can find a full list of pet insurance rates on PetSmart.ca.

The best way to compare pet insurance companies, however, is to visit the website of the Canadian Pet Insurance Association (CPIA).

You can check out their website for a list of all the major pet insurance providers in Canada, including some of the big names.

A search for “pet insurance” on CPIA.ca will reveal a wealth of information about all the different types of pet-insurance plans available, from basic to premium.

There’s also a separate section for dogs, which can be a bit overwhelming, but the basic basic policy covers the basic costs of owning a dog.

The premium policy covers a more expensive pet insurance plan.

Some pet insurance plans also offer a supplemental plan, which is more comprehensive and will cover more costly injuries or medical expenses if your pet gets seriously injured.

Find out how to compare different pet insurance products.