How to help pet owners deal with the death of their pet

A few months ago, I got a call from a vet.

I was in a terrible state and the vet had just lost a dog.

I had been seeing him for more than 10 years.

He had been a member of my family for almost 30 years.

“I’m really sorry for what you have gone through,” he said.

“But I just think we need to get you through this.”

After all, if you have lost a loved one to cancer, it’s hard to talk about.

I told him that I was scared, but that I had just been through something worse than losing a loved pet.

“What’s the point?” he asked.

“How can you expect to survive?”

I thought about the people I had loved and how they would be devastated to lose their pet.

I thought that it was unfair to have to live through what I had gone through.

But as I looked at the picture of him, he seemed a little more calm.

“Look, it doesn’t matter what you go through,” I said.

He nodded and smiled.

“He’s my dog.”

A dog is like a child, a companion who’s always there for you, even when you can’t take care of him.

A pet is a person with feelings, too, so we have to understand how to deal with that, too.

We need to accept the loss of a pet, and we have a duty to make sure that they’re not forgotten.

It’s not that the pet can’t die, but there are steps we can take to help them recover.

If you have any questions about the death or illness of a loved companion, call the Pet Death Hotline at 1-800-869-2444 or visit our online guide to pet deaths.