How to get your pet adopted in Canada

Posted by MTV News on Tuesday, November 28, 2018 14:16:16 When it comes to finding homes for animals, Canada is a place where it pays to be on the look out.

But if you’re looking to make a home for your beloved pet, it can be tough.

Here’s a guide to how to find the right home.


Find a shelter A shelter will usually be the first place you look.

The best way to find a shelter is to use a website such as or search for a local shelter on the Internet.

If you can’t find a particular shelter, you can usually find them on your phone or through a local directory.

You’ll need to make sure the shelter you’re interested in is registered in your province.

Some shelters are more stringent than others and you may have to apply for a shelter card.


Ask a shelter about their services A shelter is responsible for everything from feeding your pet, to veterinary care, to providing housing.

If they’re in your area, they’ll often have contact information.

You can also contact your local police department.


Make an appointment With the right time and place, you should be able to arrange an appointment with a shelter.

The shelter will give you a pamphlet outlining what their services are and what they’ll be doing for you.

You may also have to bring your own ID to the shelter.


Have the paperwork You need to apply and get a shelter referral.

You should also have a pet identification number (PIN) that you can use to prove your identity.

If your pet doesn’t have an ID, you’ll need a photo ID from a vet to prove that they’re your pet.

Your pet can also be referred to a shelter by a vet if they’re sick or injured.


Book your appointment There are a few things you should do before your pet is adopted.

First, you have to register for the shelter card program, which is mandatory in some provinces.

Your registration will show the shelter where you’re applying.

Second, you need to give your pet a boarding pass.

You need it in order to get in to the animal shelter.

If it’s a boarding, your pet will need to be under the care of a shelter worker or someone with the same name as the person who took care of them before they were adopted.

The boarding pass will show your name and address, and if your pet isn’t on the list, they won’t be able come in.

If a shelter has a “no boarding” policy, you won’t have to give it to your pet if they haven’t had a boarding.

It’s up to the owner to decide if they want their pet to have a boarding or not.


Bring your ID Your pet must have a photo identification card (PIN).

If they don’t have a card, you’re responsible for bringing one with you.

It must be issued by a provincial or territorial government.

This can be done online or in person at the shelter or at the vet.


Register with the shelter If you’ve got your photo ID, your adoption certificate will be stamped with your address and your PIN.

If not, you will need a receipt.

You will also need a copy of the shelter’s website and a copy if you apply to the same shelter.


Make the appointment If you’re unsure if your animal is in the right shelter, or if they need any special assistance, you might want to check the online application form to make an appointment.

Your appointment will be on a first come, first served basis.

If there’s someone waiting in line, they might not be able have your appointment.


Bring the paperwork When you get your appointment, you and your pet should have: a copy the shelter address if available, a photo of your pet and a photocopy of the adoption certificate (if they don’ have one)