When you’re not watching the news, Peter Cushing is a TV host who gets to be Peter Cushes

Peter Cushings job as host of the popular television news show “Peter Cushing’s Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Dating” is an important one for people who want to be married.

For Peter CUSHING, a New York native, the job is a big part of the deal.

Cushing, 63, has been married for 30 years and has five children.

He has been the host of “Peter & Molly” on CBS since 2006 and “Peter’s Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Be Single” since 2006.

He recently moved into the CBS studio for the premiere of his upcoming show, which is about a man who wants to be a better husband.

The show is produced by CBS Television Studios and executive produced by Cush and Matt Shaughnessy.

Cush was a top contributor on “Peter and Molly” and has been on “60 Minutes,” “CBS This Morning” and “The View.”

Cush is a regular on “CBS Evening News” and is also a regular contributor to the syndicated magazine “60 minutes.”

He also appeared in the HBO series “The Young Pope.”

Peter Cusheds job with the show was originally to be about his love life, but he was so excited about the job that he was willing to do the show with Shaughnes assistant, Mike Peeples, and it ended up being about his career as a TV news anchor.

Peter Cuchushes wife, Peeps, is also an “60” correspondent.

Cush is also the host and executive producer of the “PeterCushingShow,” which airs Saturdays on CBS.

Peter is the oldest of three children and the grandson of famed New York Yankees pitcher Billy Cush, who was a broadcaster on the show from 1992 to 2000.

CUSH has also hosted several reality shows and other television programs.

The Cush family also owns and operates Cush’s Sports Bar in New York City.

Peter was also a contestant on the “Celebrity Apprentice” and was once considered a potential presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

He was also an early advocate for marriage equality.

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