Trump calls out ‘liberal media’ over anti-Trump protests

PETA’s International Campaign for Animal Rights says the president is not alone in being “stunned and angry” by the protests against his proposed budget.PETA President and CEO Farrah Fawcett tweeted on Thursday that the president “is no longer being treated with dignity or respect by liberal media” and called out “the liberal media.”

“We have seen the President’s attack on the American people’s civil rights, on the media, on civil liberties, on our civil liberties at home, abroad, and the media has responded,” Fawcet wrote in a tweet.

“This president is no longer a hero.”

Fawcett continued: “The media are ignoring what he is doing.

And when they do, they fail to call out the media for the lies they are telling about him.

This president is now the villain of our media.

They are ignoring him.”

Fahcett was joined by her husband, the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, as they criticized “liberal media” for their coverage of the protests.

“We will not be silenced,” said Kushner.

“We will stand with the American family, we will stand strong against Trump’s cruel, dangerous and immoral budget.

The media are lying to the American public about his proposed $3 trillion budget.””

This is not a protest,” said Fawcets husband, speaking from the White House.

“This is an attack on American civil liberties.”

Faws letter also called out the Democratic National Committee, which has been criticized for not calling out the protests, and criticized the White’s “continued use of the word ‘liberal’ in reference to the president.”

“You have repeatedly ignored and demonized this president and his policies, and you continue to ignore the millions of Americans who are outraged by his budget,” said the letter.

“If the DNC and the rest of the media continue to deny the existence of the #Charlottesville protests and his brutal response to them, we stand ready to stand up for our rights, as the millions who have been arrested at these rallies over the past week.”

The president’s proposed budget, unveiled earlier this week, proposes to cut $1.8 trillion from animal welfare programs in the next decade, cut $2.4 trillion from agriculture programs, and reduce funding for climate change programs by $2 trillion.

The proposal would also allow the president to make his picks for federal judgeships.