Hedgehog pet store owner to sell pet bunny

Peter Miles, owner of Hedgehog Pet Store in Brampton, Ont., has decided to sell the pet bunny he keeps on the premises.

Miles says he’ll keep the bunny in his basement for now, but he’s looking to sell it in a few months.

“He’s a bit of a celebrity right now and people are really into him,” Miles said.

Mitsuhisa Matsumoto, an employee at the store, says the bunny is a regular at the counter, and she thinks it’s a good investment.

“We’ve got a couple of customers that love it and we really appreciate the business we have,” she said.

She said she knows the bunny has been around for a while, and says it’s very well maintained.

“I feel very sorry for him, but I think it’s better for the bunny than a broken, old bunny,” Matsumose said.

“The rabbits we have now are a bit old, but it’s been nice to have them back.”

Miles hopes to sell some of the rabbits he’s currently holding for himself and his daughter.

“When I look at the pictures, I really like the ones that are older than 20 years,” he said.

“The one with the little bit of fur that is on his head is probably the one I’d sell.”

Moves are also on the horizon for the hedgehog.

“He’ll be in a bigger store next year,” Matsudose said, noting that the bunny will likely be gone by the time he’s ready to sell.