How a man’s obsession with guns led him to become a convicted felon

Posted September 14, 2018 09:03:04 When he was in his late teens, Peter Ritchie spent hours browsing the internet and playing video games.

He eventually found a thread on a forum called “pistol pete” on the website, and after the first time, he was hooked.

“I found that there was an Australian version of a game called ‘Pistol Pete’ where you shoot a gun at the targets and it shoots a gun,” Mr Ritchie said.

“It was just something that appealed to me and I started to play it a bit more and I just thought, ‘that would be a good game’.”

It wasn’t until I was about 22, 23, I found the forums and saw the site and started to post to it, and then one of the first posts was from a guy called Pete.

“He was a guy who was from Australia, and he said, ‘well if you’re not going to get a firearm, what’s the best way to get one?'”

“He said, “well you can just go to a gun store, and if you don’t like the gun, you can get one from a local gun dealer or online’.

“Peter Ritchie’s father, Peter, was an armed robber who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role in the murder of his former partner.”

My dad was convicted for murder, and we were living in the Northern Territory when he was convicted,” Mr Marnell said.

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