Why is the world’s favourite pet pig living in a pet store?

RTE has learned that pet pigs in a dog store are getting their own section in the online edition of the pet magazine Peta. 

The new section is dedicated to the animals, which are housed in the same store as the animals in the Peta magazine.

Peta editor-in-chief and Peta co-founder, Jörg Schöpfer, said that he wanted to create a new section for pet stores, and that it was about “creating new audiences for the Petas”, and that he felt the new section was something to look forward to.

“There is something about the pet that attracts people.

The idea of pet stores is really a natural extension of this.

We want to give the public the chance to buy the things that are most important to them.

We think this new section will really bring it all together.”

Pet owners in Germany are used to pet stores being filled with dogs, cats, chickens and goats, and Petar will feature new sections that cater to the growing number of pet lovers. 

Schöpffer said that Peta would work with pet stores to promote the new sections in the future.

“We are also working with the big animal lovers to develop an alternative section for the pet lovers, that’s the idea behind Peta for animals.

That will be a section that’s more about the animals and not necessarily about the dogs and cats,” he said. 

 Peta has been a hit in Germany since it was launched in 2008, with the magazine being published by the German-owned publishing company Liefel. 

This is the second edition of Peta, the world leader in pet care and pet shopping, which launched in Germany in 2010.