How to make a pet friendly hotel in Perth

Perth’s Pet Friendly Hotel is ready to take on the challenge of making pet friendly hotels in the city’s CBD.

The hotel is opening its doors to the public on February 3 and is seeking guests who have pets, such as cats and dogs.

The pet friendly facility will be located in a new building at the junction of Swanston Street and Swanston Terrace, on the corner of Swanton Terrace and Swanton Avenue.

It will be managed by PetSafe, a company that is now a registered charity.

“PetSafe will provide the services needed to ensure that the facilities at the Pet Friendly hotel meet the requirements of Australian law,” said the company’s chief executive, Brian Mabury.

The company has already secured a tenant for the building, which will include a pet centre.

The PetSafe website has a template for the room, where guests can book their pet for an “experienced” or “beginner” pet.

“There will be a lounge, which is not a pet space, and we’ll have a large area with a small kitchen and small living room area,” the website said.

“The main room will be for a large pet, a small pet or an old cat.

The living room is for a small dog and small cat.”

The room has a large desk, a desk and a large mirror.

It has a “pet friendly” sign on the wall.

“It’s all in the name of pet safety,” Mabory said.

PetSafe is the latest of many to offer pet friendly services.

The company said it was looking for a new tenant for a hotel in Melbourne’s CBD, which would see it set up in the same space as the Perth Pet Friendly.

Pet Safe said the Melbourne location was “the best opportunity for us to meet our community needs and increase our business in the CBD.”

It said it would not “actively advertise” the project.

The Perth Pet friendly Hotel, which opened on February 4, has a pet-friendly policy, including a 24/7 pet hotline and a website.

There is a waiting list for pets to reserve their rooms, which the hotel said would be open for booking up to six weeks before the building opened.

A “reservations process” will be put in place before guests can reserve their room, which they can do by visiting the hotel website or calling the hotel.

Pet safe said it planned to make more room available for pets in the future.