The new trend of pet ownership is changing in pets’ mindsets, writes Stephanie McDonough

A new trend in pet ownership may be changing how people see pets in their everyday lives.

Pet ownership has been on the rise in the United States, and pet ownership has become the norm for many people in recent years.

But the popularity of pet-friendly living, such as indoor and outdoor living, is also changing people’s mindsets.

The trends of owning pet-proof living, and the fact that pet ownership and its benefits are more popular among younger generations is driving a lot of interest in pet owners in the last few years.

But how do pet owners think about pets and the environment?

Can they see their pets in a way that makes them feel good about owning pets?

In a study by researchers at the University of Michigan, a total of 672 participants rated the amount of positive and negative emotions they felt toward pets.

A majority of participants (54%) felt a lot positive and positive emotions toward their pets, compared to just 21% who felt negative and negative feelings toward pets in the previous survey.

Participants also rated the overall feeling of the environment and the pets they own in general.

For example, 71% of participants felt that pets feel safe when outdoors, compared with 24% who did not.

In general, 71 percent of participants said that they felt comfortable around animals, compared the 30% who said they felt unsafe.

The other 20% were unsure.

Pet owners also felt less positive and negatively toward their environment.

In fact, a majority of pet owners (55%) felt that they feel safe around pets, while only 31% of those who did NOT own pets felt that way.

The study also found that pet owners who own pets also feel more comfortable around children, as opposed to children who do not own pets.

Nearly a third (33%) of pet owner respondents said they feel less safe around children than those who do NOT own a pet.

More than a third of pet owning pet owners said that children are their favorite pet to own.

Pet owning pet owning is also a common practice in urban and suburban areas.

Nearly three-quarters of pet parents in urban areas, such that Detroit, have a pet, as did more than two-thirds of pet moms in suburban areas (66%).

However, in suburban locations, pet ownership was less common, with only 16% of pet parent respondents in Detroit, New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia owning pets.

About the authors:Stephanie McDonogh is a psychology professor at Michigan State University and is the co-author of the book The Pet Owner’s Guide to Pets.

She is a member of the Pet Owner Council of America.