TechCrunch: Why Peter Boyle should take a ‘leave of absence’ from the Google-Google+ community

1.1K Shares Share Peter Boyles Twitter post from April 16, 2017 that was widely shared on social media, prompted a wave of backlash.

While the post is in fact about Boyles involvement in Google+ and a discussion about why the company does not allow content from outside sources, many users were quick to point out that Boyles lack of Twitter experience made it hard for him to see the comments.

In an effort to rectify this, Boyles deleted his tweet.

Boyles statement has been edited to reflect his intention.

Boyles original tweet was posted at 10:10am PDT on April 16.

He subsequently posted a follow-up tweet at 11:00am PDT that made no mention of the Google+ post, instead referencing the discussion about the lack of diversity within the Google community.

Boyle then deleted the tweet.

The tweets were removed from Boyles timeline and were replaced with the following statement: “As a person of color, I want to see more diverse content in Google.

While I respect people of color’s right to voice their opinions, I’m not a person who can speak for every single person in the Google workplace.

The community is where we should be.”

In a subsequent tweet, Boyle noted that he is “a little busy” today and that he “should be taking a leave of absence from Google+.”

Google spokesperson Adam G. Rosenberg told The Verge that Boyle’s post was removed because it was “clearly in poor taste.”

Boyles tweet also mentions that he does not work at Google and that the company did not respond to requests for comment.

Google+ is not the only platform where diversity has been an issue for many employees.

Several other tech giants including Facebook, Twitter, and Airbnb have recently seen staff turnover, and some have also come under fire from social justice advocates for excluding white employees.

Many of these issues are connected to the diversity policies of those companies.