What if I found a homeless dog in Tulsa?

The Huffington, March 25, 2018 The photo above shows a dog who was abandoned in Tulsa last week, and now faces a lot of questions: What did he do?

Why did he be left there?

What did his owners do to make him feel like he needed help?

What does he think of the dog in the photo?

And why did he leave his owner behind?

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Sarah Holmes, the owner of the two-legged puppy.

“He’s a dog.

He’s my baby.

I love him dearly.

He is my baby and I need to get him back.

I’m so sorry for him, but he needs to be with his mother and I don’t know if we can do that.”

She and her husband are seeking help from the city of Tulsa and the Humane Society of the United States.

“We’re asking for any and all assistance,” Holmes said.

“I can’t imagine what he’s going through right now.

It’s a difficult situation.

This is not something we can handle.”

Holmes added that she hopes that someone who has pets can offer some help.

“It seems like he doesn’t understand the situation,” she said.

But it wasn’t until the Humane Services contacted the couple that they learned about the homeless dog.

“After I got a call from the Humane Service and I was contacted by the Humane Department, I had to go out and see him,” said Holmes.

“My heart breaks for him.

He was a little bit confused and didn’t understand what was going on.

We’re just trying to get the word out.

Hopefully somebody will be able to help him.”

She said she will continue to be patient with the dog, and hope that someone will get him the help he needs.